The Trouble with CAMP

January 11, 2010

The day school starts, I get Redwall for a week, which should make me really happy. Right? Wrong.

I let Jing have the card for the holidays because she had never seen the New Year’s Eve fireworks on Animal Crossing before. (Also because I was going overseas so I couldn’t take care of Redwall.) She has taken good care of the town, created three golden shovels, and paid of the mortgage (she better!). She also had fun building snowmen.

I  SHOULD be glad to see Redwall after such a long time. Bright Nights will begin not long after I get the card. BUT…

I forgot about CAMP…

Camp lasts three nights. Both Jing and I are going. It’s Jing’s first school camp. (I’m going to have so much fun watching her!) This means that for three nights,we are going to have to leave Redwall abandoned. This has been troubling me for the past few days. I’m not sure if she has realised this, but Jing is going to go mad when she does. She worked so hard on this town. I don’t see how a couple of days could ruin it, but there are flowers that will wither. Of course, we can hoard our flowers indoors to prevent witherage. But we WILL END UP MISSING BRIGHT NIGHTS. (I’m not sure if Jing has seen Bright Nights before, but I don’t want to miss it either way.)

Time travel is something I don’t like to resort to. We don’t have any friends who love Animal Crossing enough to town-sit for us. All the friends who could be taught to are joining us at camp. Gaming devices are forbidden at camp. 

What are we to do?


Part 4 – Not-Exceedingly-Happy Ending

December 10, 2009

  Lyle was put in jail for using the counterfeit money that Redd had given him. He did not dob Redd in to authorities though, as he still owed Redd and was in enough trouble as it was. He was also charged for the robbery of Tim and Tina’s house.

 When Tom found this out he felt completely let down by his lifelong friend. He also became slightly depressed after the death of his sister, mother and father. He soon gave up his life in the city and moved to a small country town called Redwall. He found an empty shed with a few gardening tools in it. It was soon renovated and the gardening tools were the first products for sale in Nook’s Cranny. After several store upgrades, Timmy and Tommy went to live and work with Tom when Tim too passed away.

 Redd fled the city, and now travels the country selling rare items in his black Market tent.

 (The barmaid from episode 1 quit her job and became a hairdresser. She now runs the ever-popular Shampoodle.)

 And that is the end of the biography of Tom Nook.

Alison and Jing are proud to present…

December 9, 2009


and Jing




Starring: Gaston, Pecan, Cyrano, Friga, Daisy, Annabelle, Buck and Dizzy!

With special guest stars Tortimer, Tom Nook, the Able Sisters, Brewster, Blathers, Celeste, Pelly and Phyllis!

Quick Break

November 29, 2009

As you know, Christmas is coming up. And before Christmas, all my assignments are due. I’ve been on camp recently, and I have a lot of things to catch up on.

So I’m taking a quick break from blogging and AC:WW, until I get all my assignments handed in.

Catch you later! =)

The Story of Tom Nook 3: Tragedy

November 8, 2009

Part 3 – Tragedy

WARNING: The following story is very depressing and tragic. However, Tom Nook’s life story is very sad and depressing. IT WILL MAKE YOU CRY.

The day after Tom made that tough decision, he began making preparations. He started by phoning Lyle and Redd.

Lyle answered.

Lyle: Who’s this?

Tom: Hey Lyle! It’s Tom. Remember? Anyway, I’m planning to –

Lyle: Oh. You want to speak to Redd. *calls out* Redd! It’s Tom!

Tom was surprised. He and Lyle had been friends since they were young.  He just didn’t understand why Lyle wouldn’t want to talk to him.

Redd: Hey Tom. How ya doing?

Tom: Good. I’m moving to the city.

Redd: Oh.

Tom: Do you think I could stay with you two?

Redd: Sure. When ya coming?

Tom: Tomorrow.

Redd: Well, we’ll get the place reddy (lol).

Tom: Ok. See you.

Redd put the phone down.

Redd: Lyle!! He’s coming tomorrow! We need to get rid of all the stolen stuff now!

Lyle: Why?


Lyle: But we sold half of it already.


Lyle: Why can’t we return it?

Redd: We’ll go to jail!

Lyle: I’d rather be there than be a theif!

Redd: Theives end up there, and you already are one, sissy!

Lyle: Don’t call me that!

Redd: It’s my apartment!

Lyle: That was STOLEN MONEY!

Redd: The apartment is registered in my name.

Lyle: All right. You win.

Redd: Good. We gotta move it to my little shop NOW!

Soon that was done. Lyle just couldn’t stand it anymore. He needed to let it go.

Lyle: Hey Redd, can I borrow a few hundred bells?

Redd: Have a few thousand.

Lyle lost all that money gambling. It was never paid back to Redd.

Back with Tom…

Tom packed his essentials quickly. He told Tina that Timmy and Tommy could have his room.

The next day (Saturday)…

Tom decided to cook breakfast for his family as a farewell. It was a sad goodbye. After  breakfast Tom headed to the bus stop, Tim took Timmy and Tommy out to the park, and Tanya, Ted, and Tina went back to bed. But after cooking Tom had forgotten to turn off the stove…

At the park, Tim’s cell phone started ringing. It was the fire brigade. They told him that his house had been burnt down in a terrible accident, and three lives had been lost.

When Tom boarded the bus to the city, he was blissfully unaware that the three people who had known him from the very beginning, and the house in which he had grown up, where gone.

The Story of Tom Nook 2

November 2, 2009

Two Weeks Later…

Lyle and Redd hide behind a tree as they watch Tim and Tina leave their house, 87 Tanuki Street, Miranda, just like Tom had told them.

As soon as Tim and Tina leave, Redd jumps out from behind the tree and rushes to the flowerpot. Kicking the flowerpot over, he finds the key.

Redd: Well, don’t I love being friends with Toom Nook! *a wide smile spreads across his face*

Lyle: *almost crying* Redd… He’s our friend…

Redd: Shut up and stop being a sissy! Think of everything we’ll get out of this! *imagines piles of cash*

Lyle: *imagines himself in prison, Redd laughing at him*           

Redd unlocks the door. (He has gloves and shoes on. Lyle only has shoes.) Lyle hesitates before Redd pulls him in. As soon as they get to a table, Redd pushes Lyle over.

Redd: Oh sorry! I didn’t mean to do that!

Lyle nods but doesn’t notice himself leaning against the table to hoist himself up.

Four hours later…

Tim and Tina return to their house to find their house a mess and their most valued possessions missing.

Tina: *in shock* We’ve been stolen! I mean – robbed!

Tim: We’ll never pay off the mortgage now…

Tina: Let me call the cops.

Tim: We’ll have to sell the house! We’ll have to move in your parents’ place… And if we ever make enough money, we’ll buy a new one.

Tina: Why did this have to happen just after we’d bought it?! And just before we were about to get insurance?

Soon Tina and Tim move in with Tom, Tanya, and Ted. Renovations had to be made, but Tom and Ted could handle it.

Before Tom knew it, he had two little nephews, Timmy and Tommy.

Tom hated to be a burden to his family. He desperately wanted to get a secure job and move out. But there just wasn’t anything to do in the country. He dabbled as a gardener, and attempted to be a builder, but there simply weren’t enough animals in the country.

So Tom made a desicion he thought he’d never make.

Tom: *sits down at the squishy dinner table* Um…

Tanya: Sea bass sashimi?

Tom: Eh… No…

Tina: Red turnips?

Tom: Yes, PLEASE! Anyway…

Timmy and Tommy: Leave some for us, uncle! … Uncle!

Tom: You want some red turnip? *gives them both some* There you go!

Timmy and Tommy: Thank you! … You!

Tom: I was just thinking that…

Ted: *starts laughing*

Tom: Uh… Dad?

Ted: *stops laughing* Sorry, your mother tells the most HILARIOUS jokes! *starts laughing again*

Tanya: I’m SERIOUS!

Ted: Oh.

Timmy and Tommy: Why must we eat the green things? … Things?

Tina: They’re good for you! They’ll make you grow big and strong!

Timmy and Tommy: But Dad doesn’t eat his! … his!

Tim: *avoids Tina’s glare* I do, you too… *makes a face as he eats broccoli*


Everyone: *stares*

Tom: Sorry. I just need to tell you something important. I’m moving to the city to find work.

Tanya: Where will you stay?

Tom: With my friends Redd and Lyle… until I get enough money.

Ted: There’s no need. You can stay.

Tom: Well, I’m going, whether I have to or not!

Timmy and Tommy: Are you scared of us? … Us? Please stay! … Stay! You can have the red turnips! … Turnips!

Mitsukyo Reunion

October 28, 2009

I haven’t been playing AC:WW for a while, so I was dying to meet Miki, Mayu’s character, again.

I did and I also met Shania, another nice new player.

I participated it the theme touch event so now my catalog is nice and full 🙂 Also Miki let me have a blue pansy and a jacob’s ladder from her town! 🙂

People are so nice!